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Mobile Banking & Check Capture‚ Online Banking & Bill Pay

Mobile Banking | Mobile Check Capture | Online Banking | Online Bill Pay

Mobile Banking
SCFCU’s Mobile Banking is a small software program called Mobile Finance Manager (MFM) that resides on your SmartPhone enabled mobile device such as a cell phone or iPad and allows you to perform the majority of financial tasks you would perform from a pc in online banking.

This includes the ability to view account balances‚ view transaction history‚ transfer funds‚ set-up automated alerts‚ and even pay bills! The MFM application supports:
  • iPhone/iPod Touch
  • iPad
  • Android
  • BlackBerry
  • Windows Mobile
  • Palm OS Treos
  • Most Java capable phones

Mobile Check Capture
Members can safely a deposit a check‚ anytime from anywhere, with the convenience of mobile check capture. Simply use your smart phone or tablet to snap a picture of a check and have it securely deposited to your account.

Mobile check capture is convenient, secure and available using the Mobile Check Capture feature in Mobile Banking.

Visit the App Store or Google Play to download the SCFCU Mobile Banking app.

Locate App Now     Apple Instructions     Android Instructions

Online Banking
Free to all members! Log on 24 hours a day‚ seven days a week to check your balance‚ your account history‚ transfer funds‚ see if a check cleared‚ see if your direct deposit arrived‚ etc. If you have access to a computer‚ you have access to your account.

When you open a new account with us‚ we automatically set you up for Online Banking. If you’re a long-term member and never signed up‚ or if you haven’t used Online Banking in some time and your enrollment has expired‚ you have several options. Enroll online‚ if you prefer‚ call 302-629-0100 or‚ email us to request service.

On your first use‚ you will have to go through an extended Security Procedure‚ but it will get easier and your protection is worth it. When asked for your Online Banking ID‚ enter the letters SC followed by your nine digit account number (i.e. SC999999999) and when asked for your Online Banking Password‚ enter the last 6 digits of the primary member’s social security number (i.e. 999999).

You can change your ID and/or Password at any time after the initial logon by clicking on the Settings tab and then the Personal tab.

The newest feature in Online Banking is the ability to set up eAlerts. Set up your preferences and you’ll receive an email when your account falls below or exceeds your designated balance; when your direct deposit is posted; when a withdrawal exceeds a designated amount‚ etc. To set your preferences‚ click on Alerts under the Settings Tab.

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Online Bill Pay
You can experience the freedom‚ savings‚ control‚ and security of online Bill Pay. When you login to Online Banking simply click on the Bill Pay tab at the top and follow the simple enrollment steps. In no time you’ll be saving money on stamps and checks‚ scheduling recurring or single payments‚ and receiving eNotifications to confirm a bill has been paid or is coming due.

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