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Winning Essay


Once upon a time there was a Superhero named $upermoney. He loved to save money and teach kids about money with his friends Dime man‚ Nickel man‚ Dr. Quarter‚ Mr. Penny‚ and Dollar Woman. $upermoney flies to kids houses giving kids boxes that say: Wants‚ Needs‚ and Savings. He tells kids to start saving money when they are younger and make a list of their needs and wants.

One day there was a kid‚ who was buying something really expensive‚ $upermoney flew in and whooped “Hey Citizen Kid don’t spend your money without looking at prices at other places. You might find it cheaper!”

$upermoney called his sidekick Dollar Woman and asked her to help defend kids against the Money Spender. The Money Spender wants kids to waste money on stuff they don’t need or want. $upermoney along with his money sidekicks Dime man‚ Nickel man‚ Dr. Quarter‚ Mr. Penny‚ and Dollar Woman drive on their money cycle to Money Spender’s secret lair. They tell him‚ “Stop having kids’ waste money. Wasting money does not help their future. Also, spending a lot of money on things that are expensive that may not hold their value is a waste. Kids should save money for their goals and things they want.” Money Spender says “Hey you might be right kids might waste money and not have money left for later.

The $upermoney heroes make posters about saving money. The kids learn to save money in their boxes‚ and then bring the money to the bank to get interest.

$upermoney used his super powers to fly in the sky and write “Save your money wisely!”

Submitted by: Mrs. Desautels 4th Grade Class

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