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Winning Essay

$ave Money

Spending crimes are occuring all over the town of Spendlot. People don’t know how to save money. They are doomed to fall into a lifelong debt if someone doesn’t help them. And that someone will be Penny Pig. With wise spending powers and the ability to help people maintain a good budget‚ Penny Piggy knows how to help them all!

Penny Pig can do anything when it comes to saving! Before‚ Penny Pig was just like all the other people of Spendlot; he enjoyed spending money on unneeded things such as toys‚ candy‚ and anything else he wanted. Then one day‚ while going to the bankto get more money‚ the accountant told him that if he kept spending so much money‚ he was going to fal in debt! When you’re in debt‚ you owe money. Penny Pig then realized he cundn’t pay off his debt and now whenever he goes to buy something‚ he asks himeself questions such as: Do I need it? Is it necessary? Can I afford it?

Saving money is very important to Penny Pig. His ability to help people maintain a good budget consists of his ability to charm people into creating budget plans with their money and his super way of teaching people what to buy‚ what isn’t necessary and what to plan for. He teaches that saving isn’t a hard thing to do; you just have to learn the way that works best for you. Penny Pig says “When you see something you want‚ always ask yourself if you need it and if you can plan ahead to buy it.” By asking these simple questions‚ Penny Pig is saving the great city of Spendlot one debt free personat a time!

Submitted by: Ana and Amber from Mr. Jeandell’s Class

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