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Medallion Signature Guarantee

Why Do I Need a Medallion Signature Guarantee?
One of the main purposes of the Signature Guarantee is to protect the securities owner by preventing fraudulent transfers. When Tidemark Federal Credit Union processes a Signature Guarantee‚ we are not only verifying that your signature is genuine‚ but that you have the capacity to sign the documents and‚ if someone is signing documents for you‚ they have the authority to do so.

Who is the Appropriate Person to Endorse?
Under the UCC‚ the appropriate person to endorse is:
  • The person specified by the security certificate or mutual fund to be entitled to the security.
  • If that person lacks the capacity to sign‚ the designated person’s guardian‚ conservator‚ or other similar representative who has power under other law to transfer the security or financial asset.
  • If the person designated is deceased‚ the designated person’s successor under law or the designated person’s representative acting for the estate of the decedent.
What Do I Need To Bring To The Credit Union If I Need A Signature Guarantee?
In order to expedite the Medallion Signature Guarantee process‚ please bring the following:
  • An unexpired‚ government-issued photo identification such as a driver’s license‚ state issued ID card‚ or passport.
  • A document proving your ownership of the security you wish to sell‚ redeem‚ or transfer‚ such as a recent account statement or a stock certificate. Please provide the entire account statement where applicable.
  • Verification of the approximate value of the securities involved. If you are providing a statement‚ the information will be provided on the statement. If you are providing stock certificates‚ you may provide a recent quote from a reliable source.
  • In special cases‚ we may need other documents that demonstrate your legal capacity to act on the account (for example a will‚ power of attorney documents‚ trust documents‚ death certificate‚ small estate affidavit‚ etc.). Please understand that we will have to validate these documents prior to stamping your endorsement.
  • All joint owners of the security‚ as they will also need to sign. The joint owners will need to present identification. If all joint owners cannot be present‚ the transaction can be completed using a Specific Power of Attorney for Multiple Security Owners.

We have the ability to process signature guarantees on transactions up to $250‚000. If your transaction is larger than this‚ please contact the issuer of your security to request assistance in finding another local Signature Guarantor to handle your request. For your convenience‚ TFCU has a signature guarantor at our Seaford branch. To ensure prompt and accurate service‚ please call ahead to 302-629-0100 to ensure that the staff member is expecting you.


Irrevocable Stock or Bond Power
The form for transferring ownership of your stock/bonds or requesting a name change. Use this form if you don’t have original certificates.

Power of Attorney for Multiple Security Owners
The specific Power of Attorney is designed to facilitate the transfer‚ redemption‚ sale, or liquidation of a security that is held by multiple registered owners when all owners cannot be present to provide their signature(s) and secure a Medallion Signature Guarantee. Users should consult state law for specific requirements that may apply to powers of attorney. This form allows party one to complete the POA for Multiple Security Owners and mail to party two. Party two will complete a Stock Power form and forward the Stock Power and POA for Multiple Security Owners‚ along with any other documents required for transferring ownership of securities.

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